10 Reasons why you need to advertise on our website

1. We deliver your ad directly into the hands of our readers.

On QUIZY is delivered by Canada Post to over 15,000 homes and businesses in 20 communities throughout Southern Georgian Bay, Including all our circulation channels, a total of 22,000, in the region.

2. We reach the preferred target audience of our advertisers.

By selecting postal walks through Canada Post, our magazine is delivered to homeowners in the established areas of Southern Georgian Bay. We avoid apartments and the transient population, targeting active, 30+ residents (both permanent and weekender) who are proud of their homes and involved in the community.

3. We reach thousands of weekenders and tourists with every issue.

In addition to our home circulation, On The Bay is distributed to hotels at Blue Mountain, including the Westin Trillium and Club Intrawest, and depending on the season, to all the private ski and golf clubs in the region.

4. We publish four issues a year.

Advertisers can time their message in each ad to take advantage of the season. Our four issues, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are distributed in March, June, September and December.

5. Our magazine format is 60% bigger.

An ad in On The Bay is 60% larger than in other magazines and our super-sized format gives both our ads and our editorial content more impact and attention in every issue.

6. Our magazine is read from cover-to-cover, stays in the home for future reference and is picked up frequently.

Because On The Bay is second-to-none in editorial and graphic quality and publishes informative articles on the key issues of the day, it has become the authoritative voice of our region. By using only professional writers, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers and offering readers a wide range of editorial features in every issue, advertisers can be sure that their ads are read and are respected. A professionally conducted survey by Resource Management established that On The Bay is the best read, and most like magazine in the region. Ask for a copy of the survey.

7. Ads in On The Bay have a greater chance to be seen and read.

Advertising clutter is at a minimum thanks to careful placement of ads beside editorial, a higher editorial-to-ad ratio and a larger format and design that prevents ads from being confused with advertorial or filler content.

8. Readers and advertisers can trust that what we publish is never, ever compromised.

We do not publish advertorials, we don’t trade ads for articles and we don’t invite advertisers to write for the magazine. In that way, readers can trust our independence from our advertisers, and advertisers can be sure we are not giving special treatment to other advertisers.

9. On The Bay shines a spotlight on the home.

Our life in Southern Georgian QUIZY in centered around the home. That’s why On The QUIZY devotes so many pages in each issue to distinctive homes, beautiful gardens and dramatic renovations as well as reports on new home developments and development-related issues across the region. We also publish a themed “Home, Garden and Real Estate Issue” every Spring, and our Fall issue features a major “Home Improvement” section.

10. We do not discount ads in our website, ever.

Our advertising prices reflect the worth and value of our product. Every single expense at On The QUIZY is higher than other media, including Canada Post distribution, professional writing and photography, a 22,000 print run, a 60% larger format, a higher editorial content level, and a larger, more experienced and professional staff. Consequently, we do not discount our product. We do offer lower rates for 2-time, 3-time and 4-time advertisers which are printed clearly on our rate card. Each of our 400 advertisers can be confident that no other advertiser is getting a better deal than they are.

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