Web design must useful quiz to test you design skills and knowledges!

This quiz is about the type of works you will do when creating a new website based in a lot of hight worldwide studies in the same field of web desing...


Question 1 / 7

Vertical carousel quiz interaction from a project we're working on at Intelia?

Question 2 / 7

Which logo is compatible with the latest web design technology?

Question 3 / 7

What does the acronym WWW stand for?

Question 4 / 7

Fill in the blank: The acronym HTML stands for __________ markup language.

Question 5 / 7

Which image is the HTML logo?

Question 6 / 7

If you write the following line of code in HTML, what would you see on your final page?

Question 7 / 7

When you type www.puerokhalid.com into your web browser, the browser must search for a "default" file before it can display anything to you.



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